Who are we

E-start is a small software company in Zagreb, Croatia. Established in 2012. we offer custom based solutions for companies both in Croatia and abroad.


My name is Daniel Vranesic and I'm the founder and owner of E-start. E-start was established in 2012 and during those first years I managed to keep it going and growing, despite the bad economy.

Years later, we offer a specific set of services required by companies of all sizes that include custom business solutions like web and desktop applications and websites built from scratch. We also can create and publish websites in Wordpress and make custom plugins or themes for it. Our clients come from Croatia, but also from other countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland and USA.

For any question regarding a web site or about a custom-made business solution or app just send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


Best regards,


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